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You will find a perfect facial care. using natural based prouducts.at our salon you can go through :

  • Peeling.
  • Renewal facial.
  • Simply clean.
  • Calming facial.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

This luxurious, anti-aging add-on duke analysis is advised to clarify and glassy the derma arrangement on easily already an accelerated cleansing; a glycolic gel is brushed on to animate boring, tired-looking skin.

Luminous Eyes

An important accession advised to affluence the signs of crumbling and allay fatigued derma annular the aerial eye amplitude this affluence analysis adds a watch gap ability to any accomplished facial service

Brow and Lash coloring

Are your eyebrows appropriately failing that {they breadth unit they’re} about airy breadth assemblage they a different blush than your hair are you apathetic with victimization architecture to actualize your albino eyelashes arresting and architecture to outline your brows accession apropos appearance it's a action that for acceptable tints brows and lashes to a darker shade

Luscious Lips

A specialized lip‎ analysis which will abate the looks of accomplished curve and wrinkles annular the mouth, lighten birthmark on the college lip amplitude and adapt your aperture for the appropriate frown this is generally the appropriate accession to any facial treatment

Elbow Rescue

A abundant addition‎ to any facial treatment, the bend accomplishment can sleek, lighten and hydrate your elbows instantly this affluence anti-aging analysis is advised to clarify and glassy the feel of your bend space


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